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Awful Service

I have had Verizon for many years, and have had the iPhone5 since November.  I have always had great service and no issues with dropped calls, or slow internet.  That is up until about 2 months ago.  At this point, I rarely ever have service strong enough to even perform a websearch or check Facebook.  This is true indoors and outside.  My battery has been dying so quickly since it is spending so much time searching for a signal. 

I have called in to trouble shoot this issue, and the device was replaced.  Same problem still exists I am beyond frustrated and considering breaking my contract with Verizon if I am going to continue to pay for service that I cannot utilize. 

Please help!!

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Re: Awful Service

i don't have an answer, but the same problems.  i fired at&t for the same reasons, dropped calls, crappy coverage, etc, and crappy customer service.  my switch to verizon was after research and great cs reviews.

my first call with my new verizon iphone 5 dropped three times.  i was outside, unrestricted skyline view, full signal strength indications, etc.  the phone consistently drops calls when transitioning from LTE to 3G, etc.  it took over two minutes to load website info with LTE and full strength indications. 

I think they are all the same, just different in name.  I just traded for a different set of frustrations.

good luck.