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Can only hear static and echo when making calls

I am a student currently up at Hyde Park, NY.  3 weeks ago my phone began being unable to make phone calls.  Every time I make a call or pick up an incoming call, all I can hear is static, an occasional mechanic and static sound from the other end, or just the echo of my own voice.  I cannot hear a single voice from the other end.  I contacted my friends with other phones and they seem to only hear the same thing on their end.  I went down to the city the following weekend to the Apple store (since I thought it was my phone's fault) to be informed it's an incident between the local area (hyde park) and my phone.  Apparently this has been happening to some of the iphones in this area and was assured that contacting Verizon would come to no solution.  It would be solved in a couple days.  It has been 2 weeks since then and I can still not use my phone in Hyde Park!!!  I'm a student and haven't found the time to call Verizon and settle my accounts or my phone issue!

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Re: Can only hear static and echo when making calls

More than likely your not the only one in Hyde Park with this problem on Verizon, so hopefully some of those people have called and made them aware of the situation.. Good luck to ya.