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Can someone help me with the March 2014 Promotion for a free iphone 5c?

Extremely disappointed in a promotion I took advantage of way back in March 2014 for a free 5c iphone.  I purchased the "free" phone and was told I would see the $200 credit on my account in 1-3 months.  Time ticked on and I never did see this credit on my monthly bill.  I phoned the Verizon number and spoke to someone who tried to research this issue.  He told me best to go to the store where I purchased the phone.  Went to the store but was told to contact the manager and district manager via email.  Did that attached a copy of my order and credit card statement showing the purchase of the phone.  Seemed pretty straightforward according to the manager - especially since he too remembered this promotion.  Needed to talk to Verizon corporate and the promotion number.  No one seems to know of this promotion - as noted in this community.  Have had a run around for the past 2 1/2 months on this with the store manager.  After having to reach out again on the status of this issue I was told the best they could do is give me a $100 credit for merchandise in the store.  This is not acceptable.  My family has been a long standing good customer of Verizon and I am very ready to jump ship.  All I want is the promotion that I was offered. It appears that many people had this same occurrence happen to them.  Some seem to have had it resolved.  Can anyone at Verizon help me on this?   Does anyone know the promotion code so that maybe I could do the job that Verizon isn't doing!

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Re: Can someone help me with the March 2014 Promotion for a free iphone 5c?
Customer Support


I apologize for the issues you are having with receiving your $200 credit. Let's review further. Which exact store did you purchase the device from? What exact date did you purchase the iPhone 5C? Who offered the $100 credit for merchandise in the store?


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Re: Can someone help me with the March 2014 Promotion for a free iphone 5c?

Phone was purchased at the Verizon Store in Alpharetta GA on Rucker Rd and Crabapple Rd. 

I contacted Ryan << removed >> via email per the sales guy at the store's sales guys recommendation.

Ryan had me working with the store Manager, Keith << removed >>.  Keith worked hard at first but as of late has dropped the ball on getting this done.  I only get information when I reach out to him....either calling the store, emailing or visiting the store in person.  Usually, he is busy (naturally) and makes a call to someone at corporate but the person on the other end isn't there.  The response he seems to get is this is not a valid promotion.  He in person has told me that he himself remembers this promotion. 

I don't want any other equipment/devices from the store.    I really just want my $200 bill pay credit. 

I was in the store on 3/31/14 but the phone had to be ordered since it wasn't in stock.  It eventually shipped to my in the end of April.  I have attached the email for validation.  Also in there are the other phones that were purchased on my credit card for verizon.  You will note I did purchase a 5s on the 3/31/14 as well. 

Please keep me in the loop on this...and let me know what you find. 

I will be so appreciative if you can get me the promotion number and/or credit our account.

Julie<< removed >>

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Re: Can someone help me with the March 2014 Promotion for a free iphone 5c?

LOVED the quick response to my initial note last week.  I provided the information you requested but then have heard NOTHING back from you on this.  Can you tell me if someone is looking into this issue?