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Contract ending soon...wait for the iPhone 5?

My contract ends on 6/4/11 and I'm thinking about waiting until the summer to see if there will be a Verizon iPhone 5 since I don't want to buy the iPhone 4 now and have it be obsolete within a few months.


If the iPhone 5 does come out later on in June or July, my contract will already be over. I've heard that contracts continue on a month-by-month basis if you don't cancel it but I can't find any specific info on the site. Is that true?




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Re: Contract ending soon...wait for the iPhone 5?

a couple of ways to look at this, of course this is amongst the dozens of threads already discussing this :smileyhappy:


1. "IF" a new one comes out in june the iphone 4 is not obsolete, it is still a great, fast phone that will continue to get updates as Apple releases them

2. Buy now, if a new one comes out in june, you can get like $400 or so on ebay and buy the new one

3. there is most likely a new iphone coming for att in June,  NO ONE knows if it will be for Verizon also, so you may be waiting for absolutely nothing

4. and the most obvious most given answer, If you keep waiting for the next best thing, you will never own anything


My other phone, the droid inc is older then the iphone 4, A LOT of droid phone have been released after it and my Inc is still not even close to being obsolete, it runs fine.


Maybe at this point I finally will say the iphone 3g, not 3gs, is almost obsolete because 4.2 killed it and it's terribly slow, that phone is almost 3 years old and its just becoming obsolete, I still sold it however for almost $200 on ebay so it still holds the value, I sold it for what i paid 2 years later

Re: Contract ending soon...wait for the iPhone 5?

Well if the WSJ is to be believed.  There will not be an iPhone 5 this summer.  Apple will release the iPhone Nano.  A smaller lighter version of the iPhone with no major hardware upgrades and much smaller capacity.



Re: Contract ending soon...wait for the iPhone 5?

I would seriously dought apple wouldn't release a new iphone(not nano one)


But I really would get a good laugh if no other verizon iphone was released this summer