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Data Overcharges on iPhone 5

Good evening,

I just made the switch from a Droid to an iPhone 5, after being a skeptic for years now. I have never used over 2gb of data in my life and have been using Verizon since 2005. My downloading habits are tame, I hardly stream videos off Netflix and never do so unless connected to a secure WiFi. My cellular data is turned off, so I am never using my shared data package. So, naturally it was quite the shocker that when I open my bill I find I am being charged for using 38gb. That's correct, 38GB! $570 in extra charges.

Once I gathered myself and let my chest palpitations reside I called customer service. The woman on the phone sounded as if she were trying to get her puppy not to wet the floor. She repeatedly told me that if I run my WiFi it will not pull off of my data plan. I told her yes I am fully aware of how to use my phone and that I know how to turn my data on/off. Must have blown her mind, because clearly it did not compute. She ignored the fact that Apple, Verizon and AT&T have been having MASSIVE problems with data overcharges. Clearly it was my own fault she said, but not to worry because she uses "tons of data, sometimes up to 50gb while watching Netflix.". Lady, if you use that much data, you're clearly working too little or getting fresh air. Once I used a few choice words, threatened with cancellation and refusal of bill pay she offered to have tech support call later once they go over my charges. I hang up more frustrated than before.

I decide to call back another time, this time getting a much more pleasant and intelligent CSR. Her name was Serena, and I informed her that I knew that the iPhone 5 was glitch ridden and that both companies involved knew that something was amiss. She acknowledged that there had been troubles, and that she had even helped solve those problems prior to 2-7-2013. She is supposed to have billing call me and get the charges taken off. Phone hug went to her at that moment.

My question to others is that have anyone else having these problems lately? My case is severe and a slap in the face to a new iPhone user. I hope Verizon's online reps see this and get me some sort of help, this has been a weekend ruining experience and has left a poor taste in my mouth. MAKE IT RIGHT.

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Re: Data Overcharges on iPhone 5
Customer Support

Hey ccasteel89!

If Serena gets a phone hug then I'm hoping that I can get some love to with the information provided. Right off the bat, $570 is data charges would also have me going into cardiac arrest so I appreciate your concern. From the sound of things, it seems that the representative you worked with filed a billing investigation (and that's exactly what needed to be done). Have you received your call and resolution yet?

In regards to your question, there is one thing I would like to check with your device. Do you have the most up to date iOS 6.1 software? You can check by going to settings > general > software update. This should help a great deal.

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