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Data Usage Explosion with iPhone 5

Has anyone else seen an explosion of data usage when switching from an Iphone 4 to an Iphone 5 with no change in day to day usage of the phone? It's been ridiculous and no one seems to be able to help.  Coincidentally, it also happened with the change from unlimited data to limited data plans.

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Re: Data Usage Explosion with iPhone 5

Same here two of us used to share 2G with iphone 4's and had data left over. We got Iphone 5's and had to increase to 4G.  This wasn't enough so we switched to 6G and it was like there was absolutely no change. (Still using almost all the data)  This started with the Iphone 5 which to me is not nearly as reliable or as fast as my iphone 4.  It buffers all the time if your watching a show.  The slightest pause in the video and good old iphone5 starts playing the first song in my library.  The song happens to be Ain't No Sunshine When Shes Gone.  It's enough to drive you mad lol.  I think my next phone will be something else possibly my provider as well.

Re: Data Usage Explosion with iPhone 5

My phone doesn't have these problem, superfast. Could be either you have a virus or spyware, or service issues. Does it do it when you have a good wifi connection with a uncrowded known fast connection or with video that is loaded on your phone? Bars and LTE does not Equal fast speed some, no a lot of the time. LTE is over saturated everywhere, meaning you have it by programming and tower, but its not providing you with speed, Sometimes LTE is much slower than even 2g.

Re: Data Usage Explosion with iPhone 5
Sr. Leader

Some things people don't realize.  Also speeds affects streaming.  Being connected to a faster network things like Netflix uses a higher bitrate or definition.  being on 3G a lot of apps will stream no higher than 480p while being on LTE it'll stream at 720p or higher which even if they are the "same" video they do use different data amounts.  Also this happens.

Re: Why is my iPhone 5 Using So Much Data??

Re: Data Usage Explosion with iPhone 5
Customer Support

Hello WJJJ!

I definitely understand your concern about the data usage on your devices. The 4G iPhone devices are a little different, by design from the manufacturer. When using Wifi, if the device goes to standby mode (when the screen goes blank), cellular data is used by default.
No worries, though! I have a way for you to control your usage. When in Wifi, please turn off cellular data (settings/cellular data). This way none of your cellular data is being used when your device is in standby mode and using Wifi. I hope this helps!


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