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Do I have to pair my bluetooth headset with my 5C every time I use it?

Hi everyone - just upgraded to the smartphone world with a 5C, and I want to pair my bluetooth headset (NJ driving laws). I can pair the headset and use it immediately after pairing - no problem. When I turn the headset off and turn it back on, the headset does not connect, and I have to have the phone 'forget' the headset and re-pair. Is this normal? If this has been addressed before, I didn't see the topic listed, so I apologize for a repeat question. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Re: Do I have to pair my bluetooth headset with my 5C every time I use it?
Customer Support

Hi Godshalk3,

Congrats on your new iPhone 5c! Let's keep your bluetooth connected for you. Is your earpiece charged up fully? Have you tried another earpeice to see if it was a phone related issue? Keep us posted.

Thanks, BobbyS_VZW
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Re: Do I have to pair my bluetooth headset with my 5C every time I use it?
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The answer is the Bluetooth device once paired should simply activate anytime you turn it back on.

The profile for the device if still in the list on the phone means the information has been saved and no further action should be necessary.

Now I have read some Bluetooth devices being on the cheap often times simply don't sustain a constant state of readiness that certain other devices of higher build and costs work much better.

A friend of mine has tried four or five ear pieces and they all did not function too well. Yet to him $20 was a lot of money.

I use a Voyager and a Bose and I have no problem connecting and reconnecting. My wife uses a Motorola Elete and again it connects and reconnects no problem.

So first try another device and see if the problem continues. If it does I would see if leaving Bluetooth on in your phone and just turn off the device itself when not in use makes it easier to pair. Lastly depending on the ear device often times getting an update can fix or make the device better to use. Go to your device website and hook to your computer and get an update if available.

Good Luck