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Does anyone else have trouble hearing the person you're talking to half way through the call?

Hello everyone.  For almost 2 years now I have had this ongoing problem.  I have called Verizon several times, stopped by the store several times and no one has been able to help me yet.  I will be on a call and all of a sudden I can't hear the person talking on the other end but they can still hear everything I am saying.  I have tried many times to figure out if there is something in common about the calls but there never is.  I talk to people that are on land lines, cell phones from various wireless providers, I called them, they called me, day, night, different towns, different states - many, many scenarios.  Same thing all the time.  Sometimes it happens when I'm on the phone for one minute, 30 minutes, one hour - sometimes it never happens.  I used to have the Verizon thunderbolt.  I had it for about 10 months before it started happening.  I put up with it until I was at my 2 year mark and upgraded to an IPhone 5.  One hour after walking out of the store with the new phone it happened and has been happening still for the last year.  I'm not lying when I say I have spent HOURS on the phone with Verizon and their technicians.  The customer service reps always promise to call me back and they say "Don't worry I won't drop the ball.  I'll call you when I get in on Saturday" and blah, blah, blah.  My phone is used for work and it's embarrassing when you have to tell the attorney or anyone else for that matter to call me back because you can hear me but I can't hear you.  I am beyond frustrated and am considering breaking my contract.  Wish I could figure out on here how much that would be.  HAS ANYONE HEARD OF THIS ISSUE BEFORE???  PLEASE HELP..

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Re: Does anyone else have trouble hearing the person you're talking to half way through the call?
Customer Support

I'm sorry to learn that you have endured the audio issues outlined in your post for almost 2 years SusanLM1! This is certainly not normal! Let's get to the bottom of this issue, first please confirm your phone model; your mention that you have the iPhone 5 but your post is on the iPhone 5S forum. Also, share the iOS version currently installed on your phone. What is your ZIP code? Does this happen mainly while you make/receive calls from a particular location (home, office, etc)?

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