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The entire iPhone5 experience on Verizon is an outright FRAUD!!! We had for years iPhone 4's and NEVER went over the monthly data we have 2 iPhone5's and are constantly going over and the DISHONEST PREDATORY MARKETERS at VERIZON are doing nothing about. I have spent hours on the phone with customer service to no avail... VERZION you (removed)!!!! As a consumer I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars with you. I currently have 5 phones ...5 iPhone 5's, 1 IPhone 4, 1 Samsung G3 an older not so smart phone. The 5's constantly go over and Verizon forces me to waste my time on the phone with customer service to try and mitigate the issue...such (removed)!!!!!! FIX THIS CRAP..I am going to my congressman and state consumer protection agency....and I will be switching carriers ASAP!!!!!

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Re: FRAUD!!!!!!!!!

You need to manually go in and deactivate cellular data use for those iphone 5/5s/5c apps that don't "really need" it.

I have found the Verizon LTE network to be a MASSIVE data hog too... so turn that off unless you absolutely need the fast cellular speeds (I personally do not 99.9% of the time).

Apps will consume cellular data even if you completely close them out and do not use them.  So just having apps on your phone consumes cellular data, until you manually turn off cellular use for EACH app.

My video on the topic HERE, with my iPhone 5c:

Re: FRAUD!!!!!!!!!

As was already stated, you have to go into your settings to make some changes.

By default, all of your downloaded apps will have access to Cellular Data usage.  For the majority of your apps, Wifi Data is sufficient.  For things like maps and navigation apps, and other things you'll be using without access to a wifi network, cellular data will be necessary.  But for apps you use only when you're on a Wifi network, disable the cellular data option.  This will make those apps use the Wifi signal, rather than always using the cellular data signal.  That means you won't be charged data for those apps accessing network functionality. Smiley Happy

If you find yourself without a wifi network and you need to use an app that you previously disabled the Cellular Data usage for, you can simply go back into the settings and re-enable it temporarily.  Just make sure to disable it when you're done so that you don't overuse your cellular data.

To change these settings, go to Settings -> Cellular and then scroll down.  You'll see a list of all the apps currently installed on your phone that use network data.  Remember to also make these changes whenever you download a new app.