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I've had a few problems with my iPhone 5. It shuts on and off probably 5 times a day, it goes dead during calls, the clocks states the wrong time multiple times during the day.

Is there anything that I can do? The phone is covered with insurance. Is there anyway I could get a new one?

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Re: Glitches

I would do a restore to Factory settings and see If that helps. If it does not help I would return the device and get a new one

Good luck

Re: Glitches
Customer Support

Knpowe9781, that sure is a lot of issues for one tiny phone! I'm sure you were looking forward to receiving this phone and I'm sad to see that you're having so many issues with it. I'll suggest a few other steps first. Please close out all of your running applications and reboot your phone With the phone going dead during calls, is the audio dropping out or the phone powering off? Does this happen in a specific area?

The issue with the time being incorrect is being investigated by our product team and we expect to have a software update available soon to fix that issue. If your phone continues to power off by itself, then I suggest completing a hard reset/restore as jondal suggested

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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