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Hey, Los Angeles, Is your 4g really slow on your iPhone 5?

New iPhone user and new to Verizon. My new iPhone 5 (black 16 gb) arrived yesterday. I love it already, but one thing I haven't loved is the 4g data speed. I work in downtown Los Angeles and live in Koreatown. According to Verizon's coverage map the areas where I work and live should have full Verizon 4G LTE service, not 4G extended and not 3G. I plugged in the exact addresses to be sure.

I had to be in three different areas of downtown Los Angeles for work today: Bunker Hill, South Park and Pershing Square and on my commute home I walked through a wide swath of Koreatown. I was both inside and outside throughout the day. Every single location I was at -- at least according to Verizon's map -- has full 4G service. At each location according to the phone I had full bars most of the time; occasionally down to four bars and "LTE" was indicated on the phone at all times. But any app which required even the smallest amount of data online crawled if I wasn't connected to wifi. And forget about using a streaming service like Spotify. I tried to listen to one 3 minute song and with all the buffering it took 21 minutes to get through that 3 minute song. And that was when I was standing in one spot with full bars; not walking around. I tried this out in 3 different locations. Same thing.

I downloaded and tried out the SpeedTest app in all locations and after taking dozens of tests the average speeds I got were:


So, my question is for other Angelenos with the iPhone 5 (or other 4G LTE devices on verizon), what's your experience like? When you respond, please tell us what neighborhoods you live and work in.

And should I just get used to these abysmally slow download and upload speeds or is it worth complaining? If I'd know it was going to be this bad I wouldn't have waited for the first 4g iphone.


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Re: Hey, Los Angeles, Is your 4g really slow on your iPhone 5?

This is really disheartening to hear. I just moved to LA from Connecticut and I have AT&T. It wasn't amazing service in CT but it's REALLY bad here in LA. I'm having the same issues with AT&T you just described (I have the iPhone 5 on AT&T).

I kept hearing from people I work with that Verizon is the carrier to have out here so I actually ordered an iPhone 5 with Verizon that I'm so anxious to get. I'll be ticked if the speeds I get are what you're describing - I would stick with AT&T if that were the case. I'll have to update once i get my VZW iPhone (was just charged Friday so hopefully soon!)