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High Data Usage for Apple 5c

I just switched to an Apple 5c two weeks ago and I have just recieved a message stating I have excceded my data usage for my plan.

In the last 15 years I have never excceded my 2G of data and I did use my previous Droid phone alot.

Looking online I see this is a major problem with Apple 5 phones and Verizon.

Currently I have my Apple 5c phone shutoff and is worthless unless I want to pay high overusage fees.

Verizon should NOT be selling the Apple 5 phones under thier plan.

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Re: High Data Usage for Apple 5c
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Actually not everyone has the high data use issue. I have two iPhone 5s devices and I turn apps off to use cellular data to update, I have the use cellular data off when home using wifi. And both my phones show a few megabytes used. I just looked and they are using 25 MB and 13MB and although I have unlimited data my monthly usage is not even a Gigabyte between the two of them

It is all in how you place your settings. If using back up to the cloud make sure it's over wifi only, on apps set them to refresh under wifi only.

There are some cellular use that is necessary but not in the gigabyte range. And you can still use the phone as much as you like.

Go to the Apple Community forums and see what others have done. The issue my friend is not just on Verizon's network but other cellular companies as well.

Good Luck

Re: High Data Usage for Apple 5c

LJ314560: I am experiencing the exact issue with my daughters 5c. Can you help clarify for me how best to use the Iphone at home.  We have the 4G jetpack for home use: FB, some website surfing, that's it, we don't download music, movies etc.

When the iphone is in the house, what should the setting be on to avoid overages? Should it connect to the jetpack or not? Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.  It's rather concerning that it appears you can get more help from the online community rather than directly from tech support?

Re: High Data Usage for Apple 5c

5c's are on their way and I have been hearing the same thing so have been researching online how to limit data usage. has a forum but does anyone -- especially Verizon Support since the service is through Verizon -- have some simple suggestions for Settings?