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How Do I get in contact with an actual Verizon Customer Service Rep?

I'm extremely irritated with Verizon thus far. I became a customer and purchased a new iphone 5 not even six weeks ago. Since then, the home button on my device has stopped working twice, and as of Sunday morning (about 60 hours now) my touch screen completely stopped working so I've been phoneless since. My new phone which was supposed to be delivered today was not (I realized this is FED EX's fault, not Verizon's). On top of which, when I signed up I was supposed to be enrolled in paperless billing but never recieved a bill via email, as the person at the store yesterday informed me I was never registered for "secure email," therefore never received a bill which is not about 10 days late. I did sign up for a Verizon account to pay, but it's telling me it's unable to process my request because there is a zero balance. What?! I can't get in contact with anyone because a) I have NO phone b) The chat feature is currently "unavailable" c) I can't find an email address anywhere and just spent the past 15 minutes trying to figure out how to actually contact anyone. For a global organization you would think you guys could make this somewhat more user or customer friendly... If anyone cares to contact me, please reply or email me as I assume you have access to that information.... Thanks

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Re: How Do I get in contact with an actual Verizon Customer Service Rep?

No one's going to call you because this is a peer-to-peer forum, occasionally verizon reps will offer private messaging, but they're not going to be proactive in calling you.  You can still call them from a land line or phone at work 800 922 0204, or *611 from a friends phone

Re: How Do I get in contact with an actual Verizon Customer Service Rep?
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I am going to assume that you are a new customer? If you are if you had to pay a deposit that would cover your past due balance and zero out your account because it would either be suspended or service cancelled due to non payment or late payment. I think the conditions for a new service customer state what I said above.

The phone replacement although not a delivery problem from verizons point but FedEx but are you sure it was actually shipped to you? did you get a confirming email from Verizon?

I would also call from another phone as you were previously told. 800-922-0204

Good Luck

Re: How Do I get in contact with an actual Verizon Customer Service Rep?
Customer Support

Hi there MarisaL12!

As a new customer, we want to be hearing back with how well things are going thus far, so I'm terribly sorry to learn of your experience. But, good thing here is it's never too late to show you what we're made of.

Now, there's no doubt it's difficult going even a day without a fully functional phone. And hey, that's what the manufacturer's warranty is for so I'm glad to know we're taking care of you in that respect. I'm also very sorry to learn you were not signed up properly for paperless billing in the first place though I'm happy to hear it has been rectified now. Additionally, while an e-mail option is not longer available our chat representatives will be with you as soon as possible pending high volumes. So, let's talk about how you are signed up for auto pay but it did not go through on your first bill. Ultimately, this happened because it takes one bill cycle for auto pay to process. I apologize for the inconvenience however. If you have any further questions or concerns, please know we're here to help!

VZW Support
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