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How can I explain an increase in data usage?

I was very disturbed when on Sunday I checked my data usage and I was a little over 2gb about 11-12 days into my billing cycle, and when I checked my data usage again 2 days later, on Tuesday, I was at a little over 7gb.  My brother and I did NOTHING differently with our iPhones, than we normally do, on those two days. There is absolutely no way my brother and I used 5gbs of data in 2 days.  I've been concerned for a while that Verizon has been cheating customers of their data and I want to get to the bottom of this.

A few things:

I would like an explicit explanation on what the subcategories Technology and Business Services under Web&Apps are.

I'm sorry but the following two descriptions given on the website, not only are obscure, it gives ZERO information into what apps and websites my brother and I are accessing that's taking up so much of our data. Those 2 subcategories currently account for almost 50% of our data usage.

Technology: "The Technology category includes applications and websites for technology companies building tethering technologies and websites offering content for software programmers such as"

Business Services: "The Business Services category includes destinations for common business services used by subscribers such as FedEx, IBM...."

And before you say "we provide data usage ways you can track your data usage, etc, etc, etc"... let me KNOW what I'm doing with my phone that's causing such a huge spike in data usage. Don't give me obscure categories and sub-categories, and leave me in the unknown to decipher it.

Below are most of the apps I currently have on my phone (many of which I seldom use), please give me an insight as to which apps, fall under what categories of the data usage.

The Weather Channel
My Verizon
ADP Mobike
Google Maps

(About 8 photography apps, that I seldom use)
TuneIn Radio
Temple Run
Phrase Party


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Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!
Sr. Leader

Look on your phones in Setting / Cellular

scroll down, you will see list of apps with a data number, that is how much data that app used since manual reset.  The switch allows you to turn cellular off for that app. Do a manual reset and see which apps are using the data and then debug from there. 

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Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!
Sr. Leader

Look on your phones in Setting / Cellular

scroll down, you will see list of apps with a data number, that is how much data that app used since manual reset.  The switch allows you to turn cellular off for that app. Do a manual reset and see which apps are using the data and then debug from there. 

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!

As the previous poster stated, look in settings > Cellular to see.  Also, turn off Background App Refresh for apps that use a lot of data.  This isn't Verizon swindling you or adding extra data usage, it's the phone using it.  Can find some ways to minimalize it here.

How to Reduce Your iPhone’s Cellular Data Usage

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Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!
Sr. Leader

Awesome and very helpful post. 

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!

Me too! They said that in TWO DAYS I used 2gb of data!!!! How? I was at HOME with wifi. Plus last month I went through the same thing.

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!
Sr. Leader

ok, so what apps used the data as described above?   2GB can be used in 30 to 60 minutes depending on what you are doing. 

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!

Neither in the above list. I was home. I use the standard Facebook, NY Times Magazine, WSJ,  Messenger, and occasionally Face time, and e-mail. I do not have You-tube or Pandora or any games. I do use iBook a lot but those are downloaded from my computer then transferred to my phone via USB. I surf on Safari but again, if I am home connected on Wi-Fi, and I have my cellular data turned for all apps except Maps (only when in use), my bank, also no data spikes there, and music. But when I connect into my vehicle I enter in my phone as an iPod, not a phone.

I'm very boring person. I am pretty frazzled at the recent data overages. I used to have AT&T  but when my husband and I relocated, (Government Sector- he has a government line, I have a separate individual account) I had to switch to Verizon. Never have I used more than 2 GB of data and that is usually when we travel long distance, but since transferring to Verizon, in a matter of days with my sign-on date (Jan 16) I used 1GB. Not only that, the phone (iPhone 6) suffered the red-screen-of-death and by the 21st of Jan I had to return the phone and obtain a new one.
Also, I upgraded to Verizon's offering of 4GB for the same price as my original 3GB plan. Doing this, they snuck behind my back like the typical Corporate Blood Suckers they represent, and charged me a $60 fee "towards next month" and that "when you upgrade we do this to ensure quality costumer satisfaction" *a.k.a: GOTCHA!*

When I called Verizon to try and explain this debauchery, they have no answers. Standard Customer Service attitude (it is US not THEM). My bill originally only $109 per month plan with edge included, skyrocketed to $248. I come from a long family of engineers and computer geeks, I am not one of them, but when they have exhausted all possible sources for this increase, I take their word for it.

So by the second phone call, the same attitude arises, and I demand to see their records of this "data" they claim I used, not what my records are showing (which was nothing) I wanted to see what they are. Quickly to deny that access, (big mistake, illegal in fact) I was transferred to a very nice woman who was taken by surprise just like me. While she had no answers, She explained several things,

  • a) The $45 I racked up in charges will be waived do not pay it. That the amount is already "credited" to my account (I still cannot see it)
  • b) The B.S $60 they charged did not in fact satisfy me, that as well was "going to be taken care of"
  • c) The $150 bill credit I was told I would receive for being a new customer will be applied in the following month (now)
  • d) I had a $25 gift card for all my problems with the phone I first received. "it is in there" they say. (Do not see it)

So here I am debating either getting the FTC involved (Verizon will love them sniffing out these low-ball consumer rights violations/ false advertising charges) or just informing my personal contacts (also of whom Verizon will love) about the mistreatment of not only a citizen, but a diplomatic liaison between both abroad and at home.

So I guess the point being, and as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "what you allow to continue, will continue"

I will keep you posted on what happens. Will you do the same? 

Hope you a have a merry Summer!

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!

Thank you all for the helpful tips, once my billing cycle begins again, I'll try Weth's method of monitoring my data.

But any thoughts on the two sub categories I mentioned above?

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!

Hi egypt1020, I will be scrutinizing my data usage, beginning with my next cycle, using all methods I have learned from this post and what they offer online, and I'll let you know of my findings.

Re: Data Usage Spike-Need Answers!!!
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Hello nsouza4815!

Thank you for keeping such close track of this information, and for keeping us informed! Have a great day!

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