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I Phone 5 Bogus Data Overages in headlines

(Deleted duplicate post, same information was posted on this link:

Attaching just one of several headlines. The problem is-the "Fix" *DOES NOT WORK!*

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Re: I Phone 5 Bogus Data Overages in headlines

Not sure why you created a new thread for this but honestly, if you're trying to get VZW's attention you're choosing the wrong method. This is primarily a user based forum...the data usage issue you have already posted about is already well you already are aware of since you have seen the issue mentioned on the internet. You can try suggesting your unlimited data idea to Verizon (Good luck with that) if you really want it to be heard...just contact corporate about the issue. Send letters, call....try starting a petition. Not saying it will get you what you want, but it will get you a lot further than reposting the exact same thing you already posted (minus the part where you originally threatened filing a class action lawsuit and stated you had already contacted your attorney).

Re: I Phone 5 Bogus Data Overages in headlines

Honestly? Because this is the first time that I have ever used this message board, and I realized that the other post was "posed as a question" and I thought that I had put it up in the wrong forum-and that only "Verizon people" would see it/respond. I wanted to get the word out to the general public. Not sure why you are so quick to defend this practice. Are you a Verizon employee? I did not intentionally leave anything out-I copied/pasted my original message. Not the sub threads. Any particular reason why you keep responding to my post, defending Verizon? I have been told by Verizon employees that the charges WILL be on my bill and they "aren't sure how the credits will take place/if they will take place". I am making the public aware. I am NOT the only I Phone 5 owner with this problem.