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I am a current Iphone 4s (ios7 updated) holder and over the past several months I kept receiving a message stating I was coming close to using up all of my data for the month. I was on a family plan and this was a issue with other family members as well. This didn't make sense to me because I would normally be using a wi-fi connection network, which I assumed would take any ( web searching, emails, apps, Facetime etc.) and run its course through the wireless network and NOT my data plan. I was wrong. If you are receiving the same notifications PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Your iphone will continue to use cellular data as long as it is switched on! Even though you are connected to wi-fi it's still using cellular data. In order to STOP your phone from doing this go to settings than toggle the cellular icon to OFF. You can customize in this setting menu as well, which apps you want your phone to use cellular data when not joined to a wi-fi network.This does not influence calls and/or text message usage for people with UNLIMITED in these categories. In fact even if you do not have unlimited it should not effect this either. Remember that if you are NOT connected to wi-fi and your cellular data is toggled OFF you will NOT be able to use the phones applications. But if you are connected to wi-fi toggle your cellular data off and your phone will no longer be charging you for data usage. Wi-Fi is more efficient, I believe than using cellular data, the phones applications work faster. Hope this helps

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