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Incompentent Verizon Wireless

At least 3 times I have tried to order a Space Grey 16 GB iPhone 5S  for my son at the discounted price and the order has gotten cancelled.  The 1st time I ordered the iPhone I cancelled it because Verizon's  system software totally screwed up and ignored my son's name (attention  field on online form) and just put his college name without the  ATTENTION TO: field filled in.

After talking to an  customer service rep on the phone I ordered it again but it got  cancelled by the Fraud Dept. I haven't gotten an answer why other than I  surmise it's because there was a another glitch in the Verizon system  (more software problems - read about on the web) where the system  allowed my son to keep his unlimited plan even though he was upgrading  at a discounted price. Maybe they cancelled the 2nd order for this  reason but they would never tell me.

The 3rd time it  got cancelled  because Verizon told me it was because the iphone was on  backorder for a long time and after a certain amount of time my order (3  weeks) automatically got cancelled by the system. HELLO!!!! Cancelled  after a period of time because it was backordered?!?! What kind of  software system do you have Verizon?

I ordered it for a  final 4th time because I thought the problem might be trying it to ship  to my son's college address rather than home (account holder address)   so tried to ship it home and again got an email from the Fraud dept. I  spoke to someone at Verizon and they assured me this time the order  wouldn't get cancelled this time. LOL. I will hold my breath. If it gets  cancelled this time I am giving up and buying it at the Apple store,  and when my family's 4 phones are off contract I am seriously thinking  about switching to Page One. You don't know how many hours I spent with  Verizon Customer Service reps. on the phone. You would think they would  offer me some kind of compensation. And by the way, my FICO score is  excellent and close to 800 and I always pay my Verizon Wireless bill on  time and I am a long time excellent customer. I am a computer programmer and I  know software flaws in a system when I see them and a spinkle of some customer  rep. incompetence . I guess you can tell I am upset Smiley Happy It's been a utter nightmare.

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Re: Incompentent Verizon Wireless


You are the second person who has posted about having problems with Verizon's Fraud dept. I would say they most definitely a problem with their online ordering dept.  I have learned to only get my phones and accessories from a local store, never online, they will screw it up, Looks like to have taken their issues to a new level.