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Iphone 5 Data overages

I am constantly getting charged for usage (only on my I-Phone 5) I cannot possibly have.  I used to be on the unlimited plan but the phone (I-Phone 4) got wet & I had to get a new phone.  According to Verizon, I was using 1  to 1.5 gb of data per month so they recommended the 2 gb plan to be safe.  Immediately I was told I was using almost 4 times my normal usage.  I exchanged the phone with Apple.  Same problem.  So Verizon made a deal with me, giving me 5 gb per month at the same price (that is, they credited me up front & then charged me for 5 gb).  We are now halfway into the billing cycle & I'm at 75% and counting.  The actual usage is no more than it ever was - 1 - 1.5 gb, while I was on the unlimited plan.  I have usage charges when the phone is off & everything is closed down, when I'm sleeping, taking tests (I'm a college student).  I have pleaded with Verizon to just let me out of their contract or put me back on the unlimited plan.  Every call is at least an hour while they diagnose.  What BS. 

I would like to join a class action suit if there is one.  If not, I'm going to contact attorneys & see if they want to start one.  This is major fraud!

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Re: Iphone 5 Data overages...still!?

I have your exact problem.  My daughter has iPhone 5 on 4g and her phone has absurd data usage, of about 8x the usage of myself or any of the other kids.   Verizon is really pissing me off.   And I still can not find a fix.

Re: Iphone 5 Data overages

I've looked at several threads, and although it seems like 5 and 5s/c users are being targeted, we're not the only ones. This seems fishy enough to look into from a civil (as in civil action) point of view.  AT&T also has the issue, and once again, not just with iPhone users.

Any "solution" that Verizon gives always ends up putting more money into their pockets. I was told that my Jet Pack (sitting in drawer, uncharged and unused for months) was what was eating up my data. So I either had to temporarily increase my data plan ($$$ in Verizon's pocket) or pay the overage ($$$ in Verizon's pocket).  See a pattern here? 

Every time a customer service rep enters these threads and gives a "solution," it's always the customer's fault.  That's a load, to be frank.  I've lost track of the number of threads that address this issue, and all of them are multiple pages.  Somewhere, Verizon has to step up. Either contact the phone/software manufacturers to find out what the heck is going on, or face the wrath of customers.  At this point in time, I'm all for the wrath.