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Is there any way i can upgrade to an iPhone 5C without paying a fee?

I lost my old phone and my 2 year contract is still going but i need a phonne but i dont want to spend too much money on getting an unlocked phone HELP


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Re: Is there any way i can upgrade to an iPhone 5C without paying a fee?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

It seems to be a question about how much is too much money.

No, you will not be able to get an iPhone 5C without paying a fee, unless you know someone who is willing to give you theirs.

If you are currently under contract, you would have to pay full retail for the phone if purchasing at Verizon or another 3rd party retailer.

You could try checking on sites such as, but I would suspect any iPhone 5C currently selling on there would be close to full retail.

You could also try talking someone into extending their contract and then selling the phone to you at the discounted price. They may do this if you promised to do the same for them when you complete your contract. It would obviously have to be someone who trusted you quite a bit, though.

Good luck.