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Just killed my iphone 4 - upgrade to 5?

I typically treat my electronics as if they were something special that can never be replaced....typically.   Usually I put the phone in my pants pockets but last night I didn't want to because I had keys, a pocket knife and some change in there and my wallet in the other front pocket so I put my phone in my shirt pocket.  I proceeded to bend over to pick something up outside and my phone fell out....face down....on the concrete.  I heard a pop and knew I was doomed.  Online, it says that my upgrade is available on 12/19/12.  Since I just destroyed the screen of my 4, will an employee at a Verizon store take pity on me and allow me to upgrade to a 5 now instead of December?  I'd rather get a new phone than fix the screen on this one.

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Re: Just killed my iphone 4 - upgrade to 5?
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Almost certainly not.  1 or 2 weeks is usually the maximum they are willing to shift upgrades, and for the iphone it is even less likely.  You can upgrade at full retail, and then you will get another upgrade, in Dec, to use at a later date.

But of course, worth a try.

Re: Just killed my iphone 4 - upgrade to 5?

You would have a better chance at seeing a unicorn flying with a leprechaun on it's back during a blue moon than finding a VZW Rep willing to let you upgrade early to i5 for the same discounted rate. In the past i have been able to upgrade after 18 months (6 months left) but if you try this on the iphone 5 I doubt this will happen. You might be able to swing it for a 4s or likely a 4 but that would lock you in for 2 years so think before acting if that's offered early if it's not the i5.

Re: Just killed my iphone 4 - upgrade to 5?

I have serious doubts, next time buy the insurance plan.  I did and thought it was probably a waste.  I dropped my new I phone 4 on the floor last night.  No damage but if I has a problem, I am covered.