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LTE is extremely slow in Minnesota

I have had an iPhone 5 for about 3 weeks now, yesterday I noticed that the data connection was extremely slow when on the Verizon LTE network, I called customer service who stated they were unaware of any troubles in my area so we went through all sorts of resets, resetting network connections, firmware restore, the whole bit, nothing remedied the problem so they agreed to ship me a replacement phone. The phone has yet to arrive, but in speaking with my wife she is having the identical issue with her iPhone 5, this led me to begin thinking that the problem with in the network, not the device so I spoke to 3 other people who have LTE capable phones from verizon (different Android phones, 3 different models) and they all stated they were having the same issue. I find it difficult to believe that VZW hasn't identified the issue yet and fixed it, how can I get a trouble case raised to look at this? Everyone I have talked to that has VZW LTE is having the same issue, so I don't think that you would have troubles duplicating it but I would be willing to help test this out, from the forums I noticed people complaining about a similar issue back in late september down in the southern part of the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but I really would like to see a response from VZW customer care telling me a ticket has been opened to look into this, the LTE data was just fine until yesterday, no my speed tests won't even crack 1mbps sometimes

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Re: LTE is extremely slow in Minnesota

Easy if other people in the aera would call in to report verizon mite know about the problem ? I know how you feel it's a pain get something fixed lol.