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Local Retailer refused to sell me Iphone5 at full price

I wanted to share this as i am sure that its not known. I wen to a verizon wireless store, i told the sales rep that i wanted to pay full price for the phone so i can keep my unlimited data plan. He said sure, we sat down and then he advised that he "needed to call his manager because of the code he was getting on the screen" Suffice to say that his manager told him that they will not be selling the phones at full price. I needed to sign up on to a shared data plan with a new two year contract..

I told him that this was absurd. I called Verizon customer service fro the store and they too told me that did not why i was not able t purchase the phone at full price to keep the unlimited data plan. The verizon rep spoke to the store rep and he said that he his manager advised him that since he was not a full affiliated verizon retailer he did not have to sale the phone..

i walked out. the verizon rep took all the local store info and told me that an official complaint would be created towards the store. Lets hope so.. but be warned.

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Re: Local Retailer refused to sell me Iphone5 at full price
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Indirect (3rd party) retail locations can often write their own rules for sales.  Some follow Verizon's rules, others do not.  My guess is there is more profit for the retailer in selling the phone with a contract than at full price.  If demand was not so high, it would not have been an issue, but today (of all days) it is.

Re: Local Retailer refused to sell me Iphone5 at full price

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I went to an official Verizon store and tried to get an unsubsidized iPhone 5 and they told me they wouldn't sell it to me because they don't trust their customers not to sell it on the gray market.  So there you are!

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Re: Local Retailer refused to sell me Iphone5 at full price

This is horrible and happened to me today!

I was at the Verizon Wireless in Bristol, VA at a CORPORATE LOCATION.

I can't believe a corporate location would treat me like this as I have been a customer for many many years, I do not have an upgrade, and it must be Verizon's fear of someone selling on the "gray" market as hydropsyche said.

1 year and 19 months til all 5 lines are out of contract!

Re: Local Retailer refused to sell me Iphone5 at full price

Not sure why you all are having issues (except with those that went to an "authorized" retailer versus a corporate owned VZW store)...but all of the VZW stores in  my area will allow you to purchase at full retail IF they have one in stock and they have met their waiting list/reserved list (not sure if all stores offer such a list). If you're ok with waiting for one to be delivered you can order it at full retail (I did so via Apple during pre-order because I wanted to see if communication and shipping updates were better with them versus the VZW)...or if you have an Apple store in your area you can reserve it online for next day pickup. Or perhaps call around to other VZW locations in your area (if available) and see if they are saying the same thing. If you have a Best Buy in your area you should be able to purchase at full retail with no issues (again, assuming they have them in stock). Hopefully you all can find a location that wants your me it seems more like they are either just trying to push you off of the unlimited data plan...or if they are only an authorized retailer they may not get paid from VZW unless they sell 2 year contracts....which might be why they won't sell at full retail.