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Misled about upgrade to iPhone 5c and cost involved

I received an email to upgrade to a 32GB iPhone 5c for free by 03/31/14.  I went on the Verizon site to price out a plan, and my current plan, with my corporation's employee discount comes to $31.19 per month.  When I priced out the 5c with the same calling plan I have now (nationwide 450 minutes, no texting), it said that my total due was $64.18, and that monthly, my bill would be $32.99 ($30 + 25MB cloud added).  That seemed WAY out of line for what I'd been seeing, but figured it was because I wasn't doing unlimited talk and text, and actually got online with a sales rep in a chat window to inquire.  I specifically mentioned that the plan I was configuring was the 450 minutes talk, no text, 2GB of data, and the 25MB cloud, all for $32.99 per month.  She confirmed that this monthly payment was correct.  I opted to wait and discuss with my husband prior to jumping on this deal, because it still seemed to good to be true.  We were considering adding a second line, so I had another discussion with a sales rep, and still waited to proceed with the upgrade at that time.  I finally decided on 03/19/14, to follow through with the upgrade, and spent well over an hour with a sales rep in the chat, trying to accomplish this, using two different browsers because I was having issues with being able to pick up the phone in a store, as opposed to having it shipped.  I was also forced into having to add a texting option for $10, which I didn't want.  The sales rep, Mark, assured me that he had "remarked" the account, and that when I called to activate the phone, that the texting would be removed.  No matter how I configured the plan, I couldn't get the $32.99 monthly to come back up, as it had when I first priced out a plan with Kaylen a few days earlier.  In any event, when I finally got the order placed, Mark again confirmed that this plan with the date and 450 minutes, no texting, would be $32.99 per month, as long as I called at the time of activation to remedy the issue, with the remarks he had left on my account.  I received the phone today, and prior to opening it up, I went to a Verizon Wireless store to talk with the reps there, to make sure my account was going to be set up as I was quoted, the $32.99 per month.  They basically laughed, saying that I was terribly misquoted, and that that amount obviously didn't include the data charge.  I SPECIFICALLY asked about the data during these chats and was told that was included in the $32.99.  I copied and pasted ALL of the interactions with these reps, so I have the "RealTime" session ID numbers, and the text that ensued.  I am asking that you honor the rate I was quoted by MORE THAN ONE rep (and even the rep at the Verizon Wireless store today said, "Yup, she straight up told you that was what you were getting for that price," based on the texts of the chats I had), or I will have to forward this complaint and the proof I have of the misrepresentation on to the PA State Department of Consumer Affairs, and the PA Attorney General's office.  I am attaching the copy of the chat text I have, so this issue can be researched further. 

Chat transcript and personal info removed as required by the Terms of Service.

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Re: Misled about upgrade to iPhone 5c and cost involved

I had a similar experience with receiving different versions of plans & pricing during online chats and phone calls with Verizon.  The iPhone 5c's should arrive tomorrow.  I am worried about being laughed out of the retail store when I ask for the additional bill credits I was promised.  I have been with Verizon for a number of years so I am going to expect that everything will work out RIGHT and TRUE.

Re: Misled about upgrade to iPhone 5c and cost involved

Good luck!!  I was basically laughed out of my store...and they said because they are "independent," is totally separate, and I'd have to sort out my issue with them...and I also see here that no one from Verizon responded to my initial post, HOWEVER, they DID note that they removed my attachments that have the chat history.  Well, I'm no bluffer, so I'm writing a letter to the PA Department of Consumer Affairs, and the PA Attorney General right now!

I've also been a customer for 5 years now, AND our company gets a corporate discount, so I am one of thousands in my company who uses Verizon...bad news travels faster than good news...I hope your situation turns out better than mine has so far!!