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More dropped calls noticed with iPhone 5 v iPhone 5s

I am looking for some guidance from a Verizon representative or anyone who has an insight to my situation.

We live in North Carolina 28318 ---I know that this area is not metropolitan, but with other phones, we have had pretty good success.

My mother has an iPhone 5 and has been experiencing an increase in dropped and lost calls.  She uses her phone mainly for work and is a company phone not under her name with Verizon.  When inside her house, she has to place iPhone 5 on speakerphone to talk with anyone.  If not, when holding the phone she experiences calls that go in and out... very much like, "can you hear me now?" 

Brick and mortar, Verizon told her to backup and reset thru iTunes. 

However. I have iPhone 5s, and haven't experienced as many dropped/ lost, in and out calls, as my mother with iPhone 5.  FYI... I definitely do not use my phone as much as her, and maybe that is why I haven't experienced as many lost calls.


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Re: More dropped calls noticed with iPhone 5 v iPhone 5s
Customer Support


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear of your mothers troubles with service recently. We definitely want you to have great service. From the zip code you provided I show that the area is listed in a 4G extended network. This means the area has coverage, but it is extended using other providers towers to supplement it. Now there should not be a difference between service on the 2 phones, but as the iPhone 5S is newer, the technology will be more advanced, such as stronger radios. When you state that you don't have as much issue, are you referring to while at her house or in general? Her home could also have interference compared to other places. Has she had a ticket filed on her troubles? Please fill us in on this information and we would be happy to figure out the best route to assist further.

Thank you,

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