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My iPhone 5 LTE connectivity is weaker than it was for 3G

What's the deal Verizon?.. You carry on about your LTE coverage, in terms of how great it is, but in the end it is a sub par experience. Then you have the audacity to disallow my unlimited data after I've been a customer for several years.  What gives?!

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Re: My iPhone 5 LTE connectivity is weaker than it was for 3G
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How do you know it's weaker. Maybe your area is not all the way upgraded yet. Could be your phone has a cruddy 4G antenna.

You only lose unlimited if you take a discount upgrade and/or extend your contract. So you didn't have to give up your unlimited.

what gives? well 92 million people using 4G data on unlimited would shut down the network and then everyone would be angry because of that. I'm not sure how you can think everyone can use cell phone data like a regular internet connection which is EXACTLY what would happen if they had unlimited data for everyone.