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NYC/Manhattan LTE signal - Terrible

My situation.

Just jumped ship from ATT to Verizon. Fired up an Iphone5.  I live and work in Manhattan.     Live in E. Village.  Work all over the city.  Now granted I've only been on network for about 48 hours, but I have to say, I'm simply appalled at the signal strength of Verizon in the city. 

Just to make sure phone was in correct operating shape. I reset the network settings. And reinstalled the factory software on the iphone to make sure I had a clean slate to work with.

My issues.

1) Very limited LTE coverage.  spotty at  best. Weak and slow in quite a few areas. Midtown is awful.

2)  Building penetration is terrible - I drop to EVDO signal "o" indoors consistently  Awful.

3)  In 3G areas phone will not automatically re-lock back on to LTE signals.  Have to reset signal into airplane mode. And then back.  Unacceptable.

The question to Verizon is...I feel like I'm back to the bad old days of the iphone1 rollout on ATT.  This is terrible.  While Verizon my have a nice looking map of broad LTE coverage across the USA, the depth of coverage is shallow?

Checking on other forums and postings -  Verizon LTE coverage in Manhattan appears to be universally awful in relation to how it interacts with the iphone5 -  And the 3G speed next to useless.

Is it time to jump back to ATT?  Sadly, this may be the case.

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Re: NYC/Manhattan LTE signal - Terrible

I have an iPhone 5 on VZW which I am in the process of trying to get VZW to take back. I did a road-trip to NYC (Times Square) and the West Side last month (mid October) and experienced the same as you.  For comparison, I had a Galaxy S3 next to my iPhone 5 and received strong in almost all of these same locations.  I believe that the problems are a combination of the iPhone 5 and the VZW network. AT&T was significantly better in NYC (and has been better for me in Metro Boston), but the iPhone 5 has some serious signal strength problems and loves to lock on to 3G/1X (o) and not return for a very long time even when the signal strength gets better.

Re: NYC/Manhattan LTE signal - Terrible

i live in the bronx and i get full 4GLTE serivice here. however i work in 34th street and the 4g is terrible in midtown manhattan. sometime it wont pick 4g at all and stay stuck in 3g until i get in the bronx then its 4g full string again.

it happens everyday. if you live in mid-down town manhattan avoid verizon like the plague.

Re: NYC/Manhattan LTE signal - Terrible

I had the same problems with my iphone 5 in downtown manhattan. It is awful. LTE here is slower then ATT 3G. So after complaining for a year, Verizon is finally letting me leave with no ETF. Have their techs come out and test where the coverage is poor. Then they will admit nothing can be done. So much happier with Sprint and cheaper too. no activation charge and paid 100 bucks as well. They are great. They have data problems all around for now but in few months, they will be better than Verizon. At least they are upgrading all towers instead of Verizon that updates barely enough to cover the area.

Do yourself a favor and go back to ATT. You will be so much happier. Verizon used to have best service. Not anymore.