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Ntt Docomo Japan vs the Volcano

Ladies and Gents,  Good day to you all.  I am attempting to use my Verizon Iphone 5s in Japan.  I have model number A1533 EMC 2642.  I was told by Verizon Customer Service that the phone was unlocked, but when I rolled back into Japan, I was unable to use the device due to the not listing Japan under the regulatory section. (Settings>General>About>Legal>Regulatory)  Is there a way to legally get this changed?  I have no desire to use the Verizon Global plans, I just want to pop in a SIM card and keep on rolling.  I'm also popping over into Thailand and Cambodia in the next couple of weeks and just want to use one device. 

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Ntt Docomo Japan vs the Volcano

Extra info.  The lack of listing of Japan in the regulatory section is the only thing that is stopping me from legally getting a simcard here.