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Oct 26th...UGH!

So I see allot of frustration so far with shipments....But I mean, honestly....Will I have to wait this friggin long before I even have a working phone in my hand???Just placed it the 1st......Then on top of it (now this is a corporate office, which is ridiculous!) the woman's like "Yeah,you are being charged today for it.I said,are you sure,because I've heard that it doesnt charge until shipped....She states "Nope not at a corporate location" and even on the receipt it states "Total due today".I check my account...card's not charged...Wow,obviously doesn't know what she's talking about....Some people >_>

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Re: Oct 26th...UGH!

I went in Sept 26th to upgrade early on my line (due Sept 28th) but customer service at Verizon told me they could not do early upgrades on the Iphones.  I asked if I came in Friday to get it how long would it take?  She told me two weeks but some were getting them earlier.  I go in TWO days later to order and got the Oct 26th shipdate.  I have been trying to patiently wait for it because my understanding it is Apple that is not shipping them out.  I ordered a white 16 gb thinking I would get it quicker but seems to be what everyone thought.  lol  Everyday I check the status to see if it has changed but no luck.  I think also, maybe with the new shipments, we won't get scratched up phones so I am trying to think positive. 

Re: Oct 26th...UGH!

I know it's frustrating to have to wait so long, but people have got to really understand the high demand this device managed to pull. THAT alone is an obvious reason behind the long waits. Yes, you may have placed an order 2 days after the 26th to order...but pre-order started before then and the official launch occurred on the 21st. So if you consider (because you weren't eligible to do it sooner) ordered 2 weeks after sales first began...which on highly anticipated launches is a long time. The rep that told you any estimate for a future purchase date shouldn't have attempted to do that at all because it gave a false idea of what to expect. Unfortunately, a lot of reps have done that. But like you said, those that ended up having to wait for their devices may end up being the truly lucky ones...and avoid getting devices with some of the issues that early adopters have complained about. Hopefully you and the OP will get your devices sooner than later!