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Package With No Phone

I ordered an iPhone 5s and received the package with no device inside. I filed a claim with my apartment building, started a claim with Fedex and started a claim with Verizon immediately after opening the empty box. Countless hours on hold with Verizon, misinformation on what steps to take next and the lack of updates along the way, I still am out $250 and an iPhone a week after the incident. I was told to file a claim with Assurian but since the phone was never activated or had airtime there is nothing they can do for me (Verizon should no this, they told me the phone was not activated). After talking to multiple customer service agents and supervisor, Beverly, the latest information I have been given is for myself to personally investigate the protocol of my apartment building and deliveries. Beverly advised me that I could get a replacement phone, of course at the cost of another $250. Not understanding why on Earth any sane person would be willing to pay another $250 to try the whole process again on top of $250 for a device I never had in possession, I asked Beverly to speak to someone that could help me, she responded that someone would be in contact with me in the next 24-48 hours.

Has anyone been in this situation or know the best way to go forward? I honestly am shocked at the way Verizon Wireless has handled the entire situation or lack thereof.

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Re: Package With No Phone
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If the package was "signed for at delivery" and not inspected right then and there you would not have a claim with FedEx.

Hopefully if you did a track package you can request a proof of delivery.

Renters insurance would have covered you for theft. However they require a police report.

Verizon although they shipped it, is not responsible for the package after it was signed for. An empty box although I would say is possible it never made it to the box. Look at the posted weight on the label or online. It had weight on shipping then it was stolen in transit or at your apartment complex.

If paid for with a credit card you can have the card company charge it back, then its between You and the credit card company to hash it out with verizon.

You can file a small claims court case. Then verizon may replace the device at no charge in lieu of court action. I just don't  know.

Good Luck

Re: Package With No Phone
Customer Support

Dear Erikaolson,

Wow, getting a package with no device in it is very strange! However, I can see why you are so upset. I can assure you when devices are sent from our warehouse the devices are in the package.

The steps you have taken thus far is correct. A claim for a missing device would have to be filed with the fedex. Have you been given a time frame on the results of the claim you filed with Fedex?

Thank You,
VZW Support
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Re: Package With No Phone

Same thing happens to me today 01/13/2015.  I received my order without note edge inside the package.  Call both   Verizonwireless and FedEx representative.  They both pointed finger to each other.  Verizon claimed once order shipped, it's not their responsible.  FedEx claimed, they just delivered what they had.  End up I took the box to Authorized dealer who helped through the process with customer service.  Now, I have to wait for 2-3 business days to get result.  Verizon refuse to send out the new phone to me until they close the investigation ?????