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People are not receiving my texts

So this seems to be a recurring problem in the forums.  I just upgraded to the iphone 5 and now I have at least 5 that I know of contacts that just don't receive my text messages.  They can text me and I get them, but when I text them... NOTHING!!! Its becoming very frustrating as these are people that I text often and now I have to go to fb and message them there and its just a hassle.  There is no common denominator in them.  One is verizon, one sprint, and a couple ATT.  I've googled and tried a few troubleshooting tips to no avail.  Someone pleeeeaaaase help me!!!!

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Re: People are not receiving my texts

I have an older phone a GUSTO  and since last night I have been getting this message DELIVERY FAILED NETWORK PROBLEM  it is itnermitent and then I have to send the  message several times before it goes out I have called Verizon  they tried to trouble shoot it   then it's ok for a while and then back to  the problem. It's nit just Verizon ppl that I an sending txt to andI don't have internet on my phone I don't want internet on my phone I work on  the computer 12-16 hrs a day from home. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Re: People are not receiving my texts
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Hi christydawncrt,

I know how important it is for people to receive your messages. That's my main source of communication and don't want you to experience this trouble. I want to get more details from you so we can pinpoint where the trouble is and get it fixed.

1. When you send these people messages, does it show sent on your end?

2. Do they receive messages if they're initiated by you instead of being a reply?

3. Are these messages regular SMS or are they going through iMessages?

Please reply to the questions so we can try to get this fixed. You can try a few known iPhone fixes to make sure these are not your troubles. If you know the users are not iPhone users, please verify that you do not have a signature activated for your text that may involve or contain emoticans, special characters or accents. Also verify that when you send messages, known of those items are in the content of the messages. Verify that the saved contact is stored as a 10-digit number and doesn't have the added 1 before the area code. If it does please edit the number to remove the 1, delete and conversation threads with the individual and test sending messages.

The last steps to check is that you're not connected to WiFi when you're trying to send messages. This is something advised by Apple as reports have found people experiencing trouble sending SMS while on wiFi. Please also try is to reset network settings http:// and then retest to see if there are improvements. Keep us

Thank you,


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Re: People are not receiving my texts

OMG I have the same exact problem, so frustrating, have been on the phone with Verizon for numerous hours doing all these test texts, they have no answer!  I have always had a feature phone and never a problem, my first smart phone and so not happy!!

Re: People are not receiving my texts

I am having the same problem. I have several contacts that are not receiving my texts. I checked their numbers and they do have the area code but do not have the leading 1 in front. I can receive their messages but when I reply they do not get them. I have turned imessaging off because I do not even know what that is because this is my first iphone. I have never had this problem before.