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Port number from Verizon Pre-Paid to Post-Paid

I just returned from the Verizon store, where I wanted to buy an Iphone 5 on a post-paid plan, and port my phone number from a Verizon pre-paid phone.

I was informed that since I did not have the pre-paid phone for 6 months, they were unable to do this.  

As a little history, we've had these phone numbers for over 10 years, first on a Sprint post-paid plan, then ported to a Verizon prepaid, because we had bad service in our area, and the Iphone 5 wasn't out yet.

They informed me that their systems would permit the transfer from a Verizon pre-paid to a Verizon post-paid until after I've had the pre-paid for 6 months.  I told them this was unacceptable and that I wanted to switch now.  If I had a different company's prepaid they would be able to do this.  How ridiculous!

Anyone with any advice.  I don't want to lose my numbers.  Any work-arounds?

Thank you,


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Re: Port number from Verizon Pre-Paid to Post-Paid

I would suggest checking the pre-paid policies on when you can switch to a post-paid plan. There is a space and one user there quite knowledgeable about the prepaid options.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Port number from Verizon Pre-Paid to Post-Paid
Customer Support

Hello MASterling,
I understand your desire to migrate from a prepay account to a postpay account and receive the iPhone 5!  There are a few requirements to complete this process.  The requirement are:

-Have active prepaid service for at least six months

-Pass a credit check and/or pay any required security deposit

-Have an active prepaid MDN in billing system

-Provide prepaid account security code at time of activation 

-Have (or buy) e911 compliant equipment.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you. 

Tominque B.
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Re: Port number from Verizon Pre-Paid to Post-Paid

I fail to understand this policy.  I have another phone on a post-paid account with Verizon.  I was told that if I didn't want to port the number, that I had ported onto the pre-paid phone from Sprint, I would be able to acquire an additional line on a new phone immediately.  The Disclaimer that came with the Verizon pre-paid phone, said that the "device" that I was using could not be converted for six months, it DOES NOT say, that I can't port the number for that phone to another Verizon post-paid plan.  In fact, what's odd about this, is that the store manager told me that if I wanted to go port that number to an ATT GoPhone, and then come back into the store, he could port it to a new Iphone onto my post-paid Plan. 

Therefore, I take away two conclusions.  Verizon is in direct violation of my Customer agreement, because the Disclaimer is false.  And secondly, the process of porting out of Verizon, and then returning back although feasible, is absolutely ridiculous.  I certainly have no avenue to file a formal grievance without cost against the company, and trying to reason with a foolish policy is beyond my patience.

I have 2 months left until I've complete the 6 month wait.  So this won't kill me to wait, but what a indication of a lack of customer focus.  If it wasn't for the fact that I have one phone on a two-year plan, and was hoping to take advantage of the Share plan to save costs, I would have already went with ATT.

Re: Port number from Verizon Pre-Paid to Post-Paid

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