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Preordered right away on the 14th, won't get my phone until October 4?

I preordered my iPhone 5 right away on the 14th. My preorder was in fifteen to twenty minutes after preorders became available, and the rep I talked with right after that told me that yes, I would be getting my phone on the 21st. Well since Verizon's order tracking web site doesn't seem to line me (I've tried putting in the preorder number and my name in all caps, and even then it only works when it feels like it) so I decided that it would be quicker and easier to call a rep and have them check the status of my order for me. I didn't quite get the entire explanation because my reception wasn't all that great, but apparently because of something on Apple's part I won't be receiving my phone until October 4, even though I preordered right away. So now I'm confused. I finally got the preorder site to work, and it still shows my order is in progress with a ship date of 9/21. Is this something affecting my order only? Or does the rep I just spoke with not know what he's talking about and I can still expect to get my phone on the 21st because I preordered so early?

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