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Refund Please

Dear Verizon Wireless Customer Service,

I am very unhappy with the price I paid for my iPhone 5c.  While I traveled to the verizon store and paid 100 dollars.  I could have walked to my local radioshack and paid 45 dollars.

I am requesting a 55 dollar refund, because the return policy has a 35 dollar restocking fee.  Rather than going through the hassle for you of returning the device, I believe the wise thing to do would be to settle this as a refund of the difference.  I would appreciate the refund because the price at the verizon store was a rip off.

Thank you very much,

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Re: Refund Please
Sr. Member

It's not Verizon's fault you didn't research before buying. Verizon doesn't price match to third parties.

Re: Refund Please

They especially wouldn't price match to locations that add an additional contract terms and conditions to the contract. This is how they sell at a lower price. If you cancel the line within the first 181 days (this is the usual additional contract time), not only does the customer owe Verizon Wireless for an ETF they owe Radio Shack another ETF for cancelling the line. It is very important to read the Terms and Conditions associated with the purchase especially when dealing with third party retailers like Radio Shack.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Refund Please
Customer Support

Hey there 1pooch,

Congrats on the new iPhone 5c. I know you'll just love it. If your ever in need of immediate assistance you can always visit for support.

I absolutely want you to be happy with your phone. Radioshack is an authorized retailer of us and they purchase their own equipment and set their own policies and pricing and because of this we are unable to price match.

Do you still have your previous device? You can trade it in,, to help offset the cost of the device.

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