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'Roaming' as Carrier name?

I landed in Korea last night, and my phone was not being able to find local carrier.

Next to the signal bar it displays 'Roaming' followed by 'o' symbol. Isn't it supposed to display local carrier name? There's no carrier called 'Roaming' in this country, haha. This strange connection with 'O' symbol gives me no internet connection. I was able to receive one txt last night, and used 1mb for last 20 hours with un-usable speed. But it constantly changes to 'No Service'.

I tried turning phone on and off, reseting network, update OS, all the combination of Roaming set up ( on/off for Voice Roaming/Date Roaming/International CDMA), but not success.

My phone always had signal issues when I was in US. Top bar displays my phone is connected to LTE but not being able to use internet at all. Was using iPhone 5 from AT&T before I switch to Verizon, but I had no signal problem like this nor having any issue w roaming.

Any idea how to deal with this situation?

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Re: 'Roaming' as Carrier name?

Are you using the Verizon SIM card or a local carrier SIM?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: 'Roaming' as Carrier name?
Customer Support


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear that you are having issues while you are traveling. We definitely want to make sure that you have service. Before you left for Korea did you set up international service and plans with us? Also the phone will not read the local carriers name unless you have a sim from that carrier in your phone. If you set up international service with us prior to leaving and still can not use phone then it would be best to reach out to our global team. They can be reached here Please keep us updated on any help needed.

Thank you,

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Re: 'Roaming' as Carrier name?

The iPhone will show 'Roaming' when it is roaming on CDMA (CDMA2000) networks of 1X and EVDO rA. This behavior is similar in Canada and Mexico for VZW (I was just in Canada and saw the same thing). o I believe means it is doing international roaming on 1X with or without data (the small o and big O) if I remember correctly. It looks like you got data so its roaming at 1X speed no EVDO speed.

Verizon I believe allows roaming on the MUCH faster and modern UMTS/HSPA+ networks in Korea so I would try disabling International CDMA in your iPhone settings which will force it to connect to a GSM network instead of a CDMA network.

Finally if its showing LTE the iPhone VZW model is also used internationally and sees a foreign LTE network but not being able to authenticate. On another tech/engineering forum someone reported this in Canada. The fix for this as there is no international LTE roaming anyway is to go into your network settings and DISABLE LTE when out of the country.