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Security using Verizon Hotspot & iPhone 5?

I need a secure connection to internet for banking, other financial actions. If I plug my iPhone 5 into the USB port on my laptop, then turn on the Hotspot and connect only with the Bluetooth/USB option (not wifi), would this be a secure connection that no one could see other than myself?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Security using Verizon Hotspot & iPhone 5?

I've never tried that myself, but I think that since you're using the BT/USB only, the phone would not turn on the wi-fi hotspot radio and broadcast an SSID for others to see and attempt to join. You could/should set up a password for the hotspot application to prevent others from using it anyway.

Re: Security using Verizon Hotspot & iPhone 5?
Customer Support

Fbx, all of our wireless connections are very secure. If you use your personal hotspot wirelessly, others will not be able to connect without the password, but they will see the name/SSID of the network as noshooz suggested. When connected via cable, this will not broadcast your SSID. You will still need the mobile hotspot feature on your account or a Share Everything plan.

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Re: Security using Verizon Hotspot & iPhone 5?

I have the Share Everything plan with 2 phones for my wife and myself. Mostly I am worried about banking when in hotels with public wifi.  My thought was I could do the banking on the iPhone 5 itself (via LTE connection) or I could use my computer connected via USB to the iPhone 5 Hotspot. I want to be sure those connections are sufficiently secure from prying eyes to do banking and financial transactions (buy/sell stock, etc). If I use the wifi connect to the iPhone 5 Hotspot, I understand you are saying that, too, would be sufficiently secure as long as the wifi password was created.  My understanding is that the password is a WPA2 secured connection. Is this correct?

Thanks for all replies. Both are very helpful.