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Selling Verizon iPhone 5 to Non-Verizon Buyer?

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 5, and am now trying to sell that phone to recoup some of the cost... after calling Verizon to ensure the sim was unlocked and the esn clear, I found a buyer who wanted to purchase the phone to use on U.S. Cellular... I met him at the U.S. Cellular store last night and the rep there tried for hours to get the phone to connect to their network to no avail... what additional steps need to be taken to get this phone to work on other carriers?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Selling Verizon iPhone 5 to Non-Verizon Buyer?

I didn't watch this whole video, but it may help you understand if you're iPhone is actually unlocked.

How to Unlock any iPhone 5 5s 5c 4s 4 (Official Apple's Factory Unlock) - YouTube

Re: Selling Verizon iPhone 5 to Non-Verizon Buyer?
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To work on another carrier, that carrier has to use the same frequencies and bands as the Verizon Version of the iPhone 5.  This includes the same CDMA frequencies and LTE bands.  Some phones can work on some band and freq, but might not work with ALL bands and freq a carrier uses.  This might limit the functionality of the device and also, there are all kinds of settings for a network that a person may have to manually set like APNs and such.

Re: Selling Verizon iPhone 5 to Non-Verizon Buyer?
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From US Cellular FAQ:

  1. 9) Can I use an iPhone from another wireless carrier on the U.S. Cellular network? 

    No, these devices are incompatible with the U.S. Cellular network. However, you can trade-in your existing iPhone for an iPhone that is compatible with the U.S. Cellular network. See your nearest U.S. Cellular store for trade-in program details.

Apple® iPhone® FAQs | FAQs | U.S. Cellular

Also I do not think US Cellular carried the iPhone because of incompatibility until the iPhone 5S and 5C