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Text messages not going through

For the last few days the text messages I have sent to various people (on Verizon Accounts) have not gone through.

Why is this happening all of the sudden?

If I use iMessage on my Mac computer - they go through - they show up on my phone, but if I use my phone to send a message - it does not go through.

I have an iPhone 5. Running Version 6.1.3

I am concerned that I am not receiving messages that I should be and messages I am sending are not going through even though they say "delivered" after being sent. 

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Re: Text messages not going through

Anyone--I am also having the same problem!!  Any solutions anyone??

Re: Text messages not going through

Text messages are not going through for me either.  I am very frustrated as I have called Tech support 3x and walked through step by step what they suggested which I knew would suggest that I had already done on my own.

I will get or receive I Message through my MAC or on my iPhone if IMESSAGE is turned on.

I get sporadic messages from other non-iphone users but I NO ONE receives my messages unless it is an IPHONE and i have IMESSAGES turned ON on my phone!

This is a HUGE issue as this is my lifeline for my business.  Spending 2 hours working on it today is frustrating when it is still not working.  NO messages to a sprint customer went through.