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Time displayed never accurate. which impedes other functions like text etc..

My 5c is not able anymore to display accurate time. I have looked all over online and tried every solution offered. None of these work for me, not any other solutions proposed elsewhere. My iphone 5c has had this problem for a while and since it is post warranty...grrr. Any simple search online will reveal that this is a very common problem and Apple/Verizon are deliberately ignoring it. This is my first Apple product, was kind of excited, yet this issue and the response from apple has soured my experience. Plus the local Verizon Store is always way too busy ( hour + wait everytime I have gone) exploring alternatives to Verizon and Apple for my next phone.

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Re: Time displayed never accurate. which impedes other functions like text etc..
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Have you spoken to Verizon Tech Support? Assuming so. My son would change the date on his phone and that of course causes challenges with FaceTime, iMessage, etc. working correctly. I assume you have your time set within the device to auto? With my challenge I didn't realize he had changed the date. I read a ton of articles on Apple's site and thought I had checked everything. I ended up speaking to Apple CS and they assisted me with the issue.

Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically

Just trying to offer some help here. Hope you can get it resolved.