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Transfer Upgrade to another Line.

I upgraded one of the lines on my account, it has unlimited data on it for the iPhone 5 on the Apple website. Would I be able to activate the iPhone 5 on another line on the account after I receive it? Then, deactivate that line and reactivate the feature phone that was on the line. Would I be able to keep my unlimited data then?

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Re: Transfer Upgrade to another Line.
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No because the line that had the unlimited on it was the one that upgraded is the one they count. No matter if you do any tricky thing it knows if the upgraded line had an unlimited plan because from now untill activation you can't change that like for any reason. When activating it puts it auto on the upgrade line and you have accepted the terms to get your upgrade which was to lose the unlimited plan even if you give the phone to someone else.

Re: Transfer Upgrade to another Line.

I have 4 lines on my family plan currently, 2 lines with unlimited data, and 2 dumb phones.  Now, I planned to use the upgrades for the 2 dumb phones to purchase the Iphone5, than switch the Iphone5 to be used with the 2 lines with the unlimited data.  This way, would I still be able to keep my unlimited data?  Also, could I activate the Iphone5 right away on the lines with the unlimited data or do I have to activate the Iphone5 first on the dumb phone first before switching it to the line with unlimited data?