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Unlocked Iphone 5?


I have a friend that is an exchange student in the USA. He is from Thailand and will be here for 10 months. He wants to buy an iphone 5 but doesnt know where or what to do to get one so he could bring it back with him.

Is there any contracts for less than 2 years for foreign visitors? and is verizon able to unlock his phone for him as he is moving back to his home country next year? Or would he have to buy one off of apple website? he doesnt have alot of money though



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Re: Unlocked Iphone 5?

If he is wanting a truly unlocked device (not just the sim) then he would need to wait until Apple offers an unlocked device and purchase one that way. Someone posted an article that claims that VZW's iPhone is fully unlocked out of the box...which may or may not be true so that's something else worth checking in to. Finally, have your friend contact VZW to ask about options other than paying full retail (which may be the only option). If Apple sells an unlocked iPhone 5 like they did the 4s then he would have to have service with AT&T or T-Mobile in the US since unlocked devices can only be used on GSM networks (unless this changes).