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Upgraded to iPhone issues.

I upgraded to an iPhone 5s a few days ago. I had to give up my unlimited data. I have been with verizon for many years. I am really disappointed with how verizon is treating long time loyal customers like my family. I got my whole extended family to switch over to verizon years ago. I feel verizon is forcing people who have grandfathered unlimited data into limited data plans. This whole full retail thing is ridiculous. You can't even buy a good simple texting phone anymore! Everything is geared toward smartphones! I think it's absurd to be charged insane amounts for data your smartphone requires to be considered a SMARTPHONE...and be told by verizon to shut off cellular data to solve the issue! Basically defeats the purpose of having a "smartphone"'s bs that Verizon is more about bait and switching. Misleading customers and then raking in the the expense of their loyal customers.....let's not forget the huge amount of money Verizon is making off of data plans and overages. Regretting upgrading and giving up my unlimited data.

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Re: Upgraded to iPhone issues.

There are plenty of prepaid options available that are good for people that don't use much data or don't want a smartphone. Basic phones and plans are peanuts to any carrier now and really don't help pay the bills as much as some people want to think.

To you $50-$90 a month may be a lot. But to Verizon and the other carriers it's nothing.

You also should have done your research. This isn't a Verizon issue so much as it's an IPhone issue. The IPhone 5s is considered to be the most data hungry phone of all of the available phones. (Well, until the IPhone 6 and 6+.)    

Google it. This is a known issue with the IPhone in general. Switch to an Android and see how much less data you're using. This isn't an IPhone vs Android thing. It's fact. Check it out.