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Using a U.S. Verizon iPhone 5S over in Europe

I have an iPhone 5s under the Share Everything (now known as Share More) plan. If I travel to Europe (England and/or Poland) and bring my iPhone there, is it possible to use it in those places to call home (the U..S.) without having to pay the very high international calling cellular rates? Is there a SIM card I can buy or rent? Will the phone even work over there (for example, be usable calling within the UK and/or Poland)? Any help would be truly appreci

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Re: Using a U.S. Verizon iPhone 5S over in Europe
Sr. Leader

Yes.  Get a local SIM card when you arrive. Make sure it is a nano SIM.  On the side pop open SIM tray with small paper clip, and replace SIM.  Keep original SIM for when you return home.  Calling US will still be expensive since you now have local number, but data and calling within the country will be cheaper. 

THere is is also Verizon global plan that gives you 100 min, 100 outgoing text, and 100 MB data.