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Verizon Plan change

I finally get my iPhone a day early and cannot activate it until tomorrow per customer service. I goes i could live with that but what sucks is that if you change your plan they make you pay a full month in advance. I added a new line to my account with the share everything but they changed my plan right away. I was thinking they would only charge two $40 dollar charges for the other line when i got the phone. When I was with sprint I could change my plan at any time and no month in advance charge. They do have great service but they really know how to stick it.

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Re: Verizon Plan change

They should only charge for the add'l cost from the date you receive and activate the phone. if they have already charged you and your have not received or activated then I would call to explain to them.

Re: Verizon Plan change
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VZW has always been a "month in advance" company. From your first bill onward you are always being charged a month in advance, plus the the pro-rated amount for the current month from the point of activation. Plus taxes and fees, all for MIA + pro-rate for current month. Same song, different verse for new lines. So yeah, it can really add up.