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Verizon cloud stealing music off my phone?

When the verizon cloud does a back up of my iphone 5S it appears to take songs that were stored locally on my phone, move them to the cloud and delete them from local storage my phone.  Songs that were previously stored locally on my phone now have a cloud with a down arrow next to them.  I take this as meaning that the song has to down load from the cloud before it will play.  If that is the case then verizon has come up with a pretty clever way to burn through your expensive data.  Anybody know what's up here?  Am I just doing something wrong?

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Re: Verizon cloud stealing music off my phone?
Customer Support

steven103 lets make certain your media is backed up and your usage is controlled! Fill us in on the details, is the backup preventing you from listening to your music? Next no need to worry about excessive data usage, you're able to update the settings to only backup when connected to Wi Fi

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Re: Verizon cloud stealing music off my phone?

After a back up, songs that were in my phone's local memory are moved to the verizon cloud and deleted from my phone's local memory.  The songs now appear with a cloud and down arrow next to them, and before the back up they did not have this cloud and down arrow next to them.  So it appears that now in order to play a song it must be down loaded from the verizon cloud first.  So the cloud is taking the songs out of my phone's local memory and moving them to the cloud forcing me to down load them and use my data before I can play them.  How do I stop this?  That is the question.......

Re: Verizon cloud stealing music off my phone?
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Are you sure its Verizon's cloud service? Or is it Apple?

I have used Apple Cloud Service ($25 a year) and never Verizon's faulty and junk back up service.

I know that when I upload music to the Apple cloud from my computer or iPad I see my music on both of my iphones.

With the cloud and the arrow. However I don't have to download the music I just tap the song (not the cloud download) and it plays.

But to answer your question if on cellular via download or playing from the cloud you are using data. I agree it seems like a scam, however in your verizon or Apple settings you can stop it from doing automatic backups of your music and just have you select the ones you want to send to the cloud for safe keeping.

I have unlimited data so listening or downloading is not an issue. I mostly use the music over my WiFi or my friends WiFi.

Yes you are using data.

Good Luck