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Verizon is unfair, unreasonable and now unreliable!

I turned in a perfectly good Iphone 4S that I was told I would get a $200 Credit Card for trading in and I only get $36.00 instead. Their excuse was that I didnt turn off "Find My Iphone" even though I did turn it off. I asked if they would return the phone and they were rude and said no.

I fell completely taken advantage of. I never would have traded it in had I thought this could happen. Also, If I didnt turn anything off correctly, I am not a Tech Support person and should have some recourse.

I have spent over 30K over the past 15 years with Verizon! I know am responsile for 45 Employees at my company now and am going to start to suggest other carriers. It shocks me how rude and shortsited Verizon could be!

2 Times I spoke with Managers at that each said they would look into it and get back to me, yet neither did. It is so amazingly offensive that they dont even follow up as they said they would.

I am very eriously cosnidering dropping VZW and switching to ATT. Nobody cares about customers at Verizon!

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Re: Verizon is unfair, unreasonable and now unreliable!
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As per the final page when submitting a device:

Before you ship your device, please note the following:

  • Manufacturer, model and condition must be accurately described in the appraisal process.
  • The device cannot be returned to you.
  • The device must be received within 30 days of appraisal completion or the value is subject to change.
  • Delete all personal information and data stored on your device prior to shipping.
    If device is operating iOS7, your AppleID must be used to remove the Find My iPhone application to reset to factory setting.
  • Devices that have been reported as lost or stolen are not eligible and if submitted will not be returned.
  • Important -- you must deactivate service on all devices before shipping.

You admitted you are not  "a tech support person"

It is not Verizon's fault or responsibility to make sure you correctly turn Find My Phone off before submitting the device.

NowI believe the trade in program is a rip off and Verizon customer service is going downhill however if you did not fulfill your job and turn off Find My Phone correctly, you cannot cast the blame on Verizon for your mistake.

I would check into AT&T, my family has them and enjoys them.

Good Luck Smiley Happy