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What's up with "lost" messages?

Yesterday I had a text convo with a friend. The last text was sent to me (from her) at 6:33. I went on Verizon today and my text usage grid shows she sent me two messages at 6:38 and one message at 7:30. I called her and she said she never sent any additional texts after the one at 6:33. She even sent screenshots showing she never sent anything additional. What could cause those to show up on my usage? Is it a signal that got stuck in the towers query?

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Re: What's up with "lost" messages?
Customer Support

Thank you for your question amm1988. Lets be sure to get your texts figured out for you. At times, messages can be put in a "que" depending on certain variables since all text are transferred to a system to make sure it gets relayed accordingly. One way to make sure you are getting all your texts is by using our VZW messages app This allows you to even send texts via your computer in case you are in a non service area. Thank you again for the details and for your patience.

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