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When will I REALLY receive my iPhone 5S?!

     So, first of all, I stood in line at the crack of dawn, for hours, on Sept. 20th falsely believing that I would be able to purchase my new iPhone 5S the day it was released. Unfortunately, the corporate Verizon Wireless store I stood in line at didn't have any of the gold 64gig version I was hoping to buy. So, I asked to buy the silver version instead, but was informed that the two silver versions the store had received had already been sold to customers in the front of the line. Thus, unfortunately, I was talked by the VW rep into ordering the gold 64gig model which I had treked downtown first thing in the morning for in the first place. I ordered the phone and was told I would receive it early in the month of October. When Oct. 10th rolled around I finally called *611 to inquire on the status of my order, only to be told that there was no record of me ever ordering anything in the first place! I go back to the Verizon store in question and inform the store manager on what I had been told by the VW phone rep, and he tells me that my order had been put in incorrectly by the specific rep that I delt with on the iPhone launch day (Sept. 20).

     At this point I am slightly beyond unhappy with the customer service I had received and decided to go elsewhere to purchase my very expensive device. Thus I went to another Verizon Wireless store and was treated with MUCH more respect and concern by the rep there at the "Authorized Retailer" store than I did from the "corporate" store I originally attempted to purchase my device from, which I found a bit ironic, I ordered my iPhone with ease, paid the $450 for the device + sales tax and was told to expect to receive my phone by October 20th or close to that date. SO, yesterday I once again treked to another VW corporate store and inquired as to the status of my order and was NOW told that I shouldnt expect my phone to even be shipped until Nov. 4th!!! AND, after talking to a different sales rep, I was told that I may not even actually hold my new iPhone in my hand until Nov. 18th!!!!!!

     I have been a loyal customer to this company since before Verizon Wireless was even Verizon Wireless, and although I have had other experiences with this company which I was "less than impressed" with, I have NEVER been as misled and/or outright lied to on the level that I was during this unfortunate last month of dealings with this company!!! I dont expect to receive flowers for my decades long loyalty and thousands upon thousands of dollars in payments and/or purchases made to Verizon Wireless, BUT I DO expect to, at the very least, be treated like my business is , on at least some small level , appreciated and valued. WHEN WILL I REALLY RECEIVE MY ORDER!?!?!?

                                        -Unhappy Customer

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