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Why is my iphone 5s using so much data?

Recently I upgraded my son's iPhone 4 for a new iPhone 5s. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and my wife has an iPhone 4 that we have had for almost 2 years. We are very thrifty with data usage and everyone is acutely aware of nearby wifi hotspots. We have never used more than 2GB of data with the two iPhone 4's and the Galaxy S4. Now suddenly we are in excess of 4GB's per month! When I ask Verizon I'm read the Verizon talking points (4G phone vs 3G phone, Facebook changed its service and is now streaming videos whether you click on them or not, blah blah blah). I cannot believe that a  new iPhone 5s automatically starts using 3X more data. Nothing else has changed. My Galaxy is a 4G phone yet it doesn't gobble data. What's up?

The "Cellular Data" is always turned off. He doesn't use the phone's internet unless we have access to wifi. Is this normal for an Apple phone?

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Re: Why is my iphone 5s using so much data?

IIf cell data is turned off it can't use data.

Re: Why is my iphone 5s using so much data?
Customer Support

That is definitely puzzling, hoosyadaddy. If he has Cellular Data turned off at all times (Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data toggle is off/gray) then there should be zero data being used toward the plan allowance. When going into Settings > Cellular, do you see anything listed under Cellular Data Usage? Does the user happen to use his iPhone as a Hotspot for any other devices?



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