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Why was I charged for roaming data during my cruise?

I went on a 7-day cruise the first week of July this year. Before leaving the dock, I told my family to turn off their cellular data and Wi-Fi to avoid charges on our bill when we get back. Everyone left their data and Wi-Fi off the entire week and only turned it back on when we were home. Then, I noticed that Verizon charged me $85 for roaming data? What is that for?! How can we be charged for data that we didn't use at all overseas? So I called customer support the day I received that bill and they told me that they would take off that charge. Now it says that the $85 is past due on my bill meaning that whoever from customer service spoke with me never removed the ridiculous charges. I don't even know what to do next. I tried calling, but that doesn't seem to work. I can't let them charge me for something I never used!

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Re: Why was I charged for roaming data during my cruise?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Are you POSITIVE that all adhered to your request Not to use data?

Look at your detailed invoice online and see when the data was supposedly used.

Re: Why was I charged for roaming data during my cruise?

Im sure someone snuck and used it.

Also, once you get on board even if you are still at port if the ship has its radios on sometimes all bets are off. Roaming charges cannot erroneously appear especially in the same week you were gone.

Re: Why was I charged for roaming data during my cruise?
Customer Support

I'm sorry you received charges on your bill for international roaming that you didn't use tonythai40. I know this entire situation is frustrating. We can review your account you send us a private message with your name, mobile number, and billing password. We can review the notes for information about the credit. I look forward to hearing from you.

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>MODERATOR COMMENT: To private message <------ click here. Click on the Follow button, then wait for them to confirm you and follow you, then confirm them. THEN AND ONLY THEN can you private message the employee.

Here is also info on Direct Messaging.  

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