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activating iphone5 on different line-another question

I've read all kinds of post and call me stupid but I'm really getting confused. I bought an iPhone 5 to activate on existing line but I need help. Here are the facts:

I currently have 2 iPhone 4. 1 is on unlimited plan. The other is on the 2 gb data plan.

I went online and I bought the iPhone 5 on the 2 gb line. I received it today and have tried to activate it on my unlimited line. I get to the part to enter the sim ID but it when I hit next it zeros out the last five numbers and says the ID is invalid.

What am I not doing correctly?

Do I need to activate the phone on the upgraded line first then switch it over?

Thanks for the help

Sorry for old topic again... Clarification is appreciated

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Re: activating iphone5 on different line-another question
Customer Support

Hello Casmac,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with activating your new device. I understand how important it is to make sure the device is placed on the correct line. To activate your device, all you will need to do is input the information on the desired number. This information can be updated by visiting

Let us know if this works out for you, thanks!

Matthew S
VZW Support
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